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Leading audio, video, lighting provider in Milan. Expert solutions for events, music, fashion, conventions.

About us

MusicLab Milano was founded with a passion at its core. Our specialists bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise and certifications to each event, whether it's a live music performance, a fashion show, or a reception. All of these qualities have been honed and attained through a shared love of the industry.


Attain the pinnacle of excellence in every type of production through exceptional audio clarity, captivating stage design, and meticulous logistical planning. It is the commitment to these elements that creates a truly unforgettable experience for the audience, leaving a lasting impression that is reflected in their amazed expressions.


At MusicLab Milano, we believe in only using the best for our equipment. That's why we exclusively choose top-notch, highly regarded brands such as Digico, Midas, Shure, DB, and ChamSys. By leveraging partnerships with strategic partners, we are able to offer a comprehensive service to our customers.

Are you in need of top-quality audio, video, and lighting equipment for your upcoming event or production? Let us help, contact us today to learn more about our long-term rental options.


Touring & Full Service

With our adaptable and scalable approach, we can accompany and steer our clients from the initial estimate to the final realization. We cater to their individual needs and dimensions, streamlining the process with customizable, pre-sized packages.


Leveraging the latest advancements in entertainment technology, we offer rental services and comprehensive support for television and film productions. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring the best outcome for our clients by making informed decisions that address their specific needs.

Corporate events

First impressions are crucial. The planning and execution of an event can make or break a product's reception by potential users and customers. With so much riding on one opportunity, it's critical to have the best on your side. That's where MusicLab Milano comes in - providing top-notch support for your mission-critical needs. Make your event a success on the first try, with no room for error.


We are more than just suppliers, we are your partners. Timeliness, accuracy, and expertise are a few of the defining traits of our partnership, setting us apart from the rest.

In detail

AV Full Service

Emotions brought to life through professionalism, technology, and wonder. From planning to preparation, from realization to amazement, we are at your service.

Ledwall and video rental

Elevate your event with our top-brand ledwall panels and highly skilled technicians.

Backline for musicians

The ultimate backline for every musician's needs. Choose from a variety of top brands like Mesa/Boogie, Ampeg, Vox, Tama, Yamaha, Marshall, and more. Play on rare and vintage amps in our rehearsal room.

Stage, Truss & Rigging

Look to the sky: we handle everything from structures and mechanics to aesthetics with a keen eye for detail. Quality is never optional for us.

Networking & ICT

Cutting-edge networking, IT technologies, and entertainment-focused communications. From cabling to network devices configurations and setups, Microsoft and Unix-based servers, transfer protocols and audio, video management for conferences, theaters, and television. Advanced solutions for high performance and reliability.

Safety and Certification

We place a strong emphasis on ensuring the formal aspects of every event are compliant with safety regulations, ensuring our clients face no administrative roadblocks. Our 37/08 certification enables us to provide comprehensive electrical plant certification from project planning to testing for a safe and seamless event experience.


Meters of audio cables


Events and productions


Nations we worked in



Capo Plaza - Plaza Il Tour 2022
Luchè - DVLA Tour 2022
Bresh - Oro Blu Tour 2022
Lazza - Sirio Tour 2022
Mara Sattei - Universo Tour 2022
We Will Rock You 2018-2023
Gianluca Grignani - Living Rock And Roll Tour 2022
Holi Trip 2019-2022
RAI - Danza Con Me 2020-2021
RAI - Da Grande 2021
RAI - The Voice Senior 2021-2023
RAI - Beijing Winter Olympics 2022
RAI - Stasera c'è Cattelan 2022-2023
RAI - Che Tempo Che Fa 2020-2023
RAI - Quelli che il Calcio 2020-2022
RAI - The Band 2022
Monza GP 2015-2022
Friem 2022
Milano Games Week 2022
Sauber Reveal 2022

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